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PinePods Docs

A Forest of Podcasts, Rooted in the Spirit of Self-Hosting

PinePods is a Rust based app that can sync podcasts for individual accounts that relies on a central database with a web frontend and apps available on multiple platforms

Own Everything, Run Everywhere

Every aspect of PinePods is fully open sourced and the code is available on Github. There's zero data collection and you can self-host every aspect of the application. Run anywhere you can run a browser. There's a client on linux, mac, and windows. A mobile client is in the works.

Zero Cost, Full Functionality

Get all the features of the paid podcast apps. PinePods will never cost a dime and survives solely on donations. Rest easy knowing you'll always be able to sync your saved podcasts and user settings between devices.

Powered by Python and Rust

Powered by Python and Rust

Created with a Python Backend and a Rust frontend for speed and performance where it counts. The UI is made with the Yew web framework, the API is FastAPI.